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Our Residential Nursing Home has 100 beds. It is designed to accommodate totally non-self-sufficient elderly people and people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. 2 units are reserved for the latter. A multidisciplinary team assists the guests so that they are guaranteed the best possible quality of life. This applies to both the strictly medical sphere and the therapeutic-animation activities. A personalised care plan (piano assistenziale individualizzato, P.A.I.) is drawn up for each guest, which is periodically evaluated and updated. A direct relationship with family members is promoted and encouraged from the very first contact. The aim is to create a constant and in-depth exchange of information.
Medical care
Medical care is guaranteed 24 hours a day. The doctor supervises the implementation of all planned therapeutic interventions in order to guarantee the best execution of the rehabilitation programme or maintenance of the guest’s functional resources. The doctor works with our other professional figures to create a personalised care plan (piano assistenziale individualizzato, P.A.I.) for each guest.
Animation Therapy
The Animation Therapy service is of great importance in the life of the facility. All planned activities contribute to significantly improving the quality of life of the guests, maintaining and stimulating new interests, preserving functionality and enhancing their resources so that each person can enjoy a pleasant and meaningful stay in the Residential Nursing Home. The various activities also include moments dedicated to the guests’ relatives (cooking classes, creative workshops).
Includes physiatric and neurological rehabilitation services and nursing care. It works with nursing and auxiliary care in the in-patient unit, working in coordination with other professionals to implement the care plan. The aim is to provide each guest with the best social and health care, personalised care and hygiene, as well as guaranteeing the quality of hotel comfort. The service includes the following activities: monitoring the patient’s vital signs; administering prescribed treatments; performing dressings.
Social welfare auxiliary care
The social welfare assistant caregivers provide for the basic needs of the resident: hygiene, mobilisation and daily bed rest, serving meals and feeding.
Hotel services/cleanin
The Cleaning Service takes care of the cleaning of the unit and the communal living areas.  It collaborates with the Auxiliaries to keep the rooms clean, tidy and in compliance with hygiene standards.
Spiritual care
Guests are guaranteed Catholic spiritual care as well as the weekly celebration of Holy Mass and all religious functions.
The service is run directly by the Residential Nursing Home through a central kitchen that prepares the main meals. Each ward is equipped with a breakfast and snack kitchen. The quality and hygiene of meal preparation and distribution is guaranteed by compliance with HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) standards, an advanced quality control system.
Laundry / Ironing / Wardrobe
There is a laundry service in the Corte Briantea Residential Nursing Home, which also has a dry cleaning system, ironing facilities and a wardrobe for personal clothing. Bedding is managed by an external company. The service is included in the fees.
Hairdresser / Chiropodist
One basic service per month for men and women is included in the fee.
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