Our sustainable structure
Corte Briantea: a project in the name of sustainability

The building housing Corte Briantea is the result of a building project inspired by two guiding principles:
to offer people the best living comfort
to protect the environment by adopting the principles of sustainability

The result achieved: Corte Briantea is an sustainable facility that has exceeded the objectives set by Europe and Italy in terms of environmental sustainability. It is equipped with a photovoltaic system for the production of energy from solar sources through photovoltaic modules installed on an area of 900 m²; it recovers 600,000 litres of rainwater per year for the irrigation of green spaces; it employs low-emission windows and doors that reduce heat dispersion both in winter and summer, resulting in greater comfort for the guests and a reduction in CO2 emissions; the building’s walls are thermally insulated.
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