Is it possible to book for the summer months?
We do not have beds available for the summer period only.
Are single rooms also available?
There are four single rooms and they are generally reserved for guests with special care needs.
Can the Guests leave the Residential Nursing Home if they wish to do so?
It is possible upon prior agreement with the relevant healthcare personnel.
How can I find out if there is bed availability after I have filled in the admission documents?
You can call customer service on 03927011 or send an email to clienti@cortebriantea.it or servizioclienti@cortebriantea.it to find out your position on the waiting list.
Who has to sign the contract for admission to the Facility?
The contract is signed by the Guest if he/she is able, or by the Guest’s family member, a Support Administrator or a legal representative.
What is a Support Administrator?
The support administrator is a legal figure created to assist and represent a frail person, unable to provide for his or her own interests due to physical or psychological reasons. He/she is appointed by the Guardianship Judge.
Is it possible to deduct costs incurred in the facility?
It is possible to deduct part of the in-patient fees in accordance with current regulations.
Can I visit the Residential Nursing Home?
The Corte Briantea Residential Nursing Home is always accessible during the visiting hours that you can find in our List of Services.
To optimise your visit, we recommend that you make an appointment with customer service on 03927011.
What documents are required for admission?
You must fill in the “single application” form and the “fact sheet” form, both available on our website, and then send them to servizioclienti@cortebriantea.it. The following documents are also required:

  • valid identity document
  • valid tax identification number
  • National Health Service registration card
  • health documentation
If you call to inform me of the availability of a place and I have to momentarily refuse, do I have to fill out new documentation?
Momentarily refusing admission simply means changing your position on the waiting list. It is not necessary to provide new documentation, except in the event of any worsening of the clinical picture.
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