Activities in collaboration with local organisations and associations.

  • We run “work-related learning programmes” that are agreed upon on a yearly basis and are aimed at deepening the knowledge, skills and abilities required to enter the working world. Work-related learning programmes are mainly carried out within the entertainment and hotel assistance services.
  • The “MI RICORDO” (I REMEMBER) project, an activity carried out with the second-year classes of the Muggiò primary school, and officially included in the school’s educational plan proposal.
  • Social interaction with Cascina Faipò, the municipality’s senior citizens’ social centre.
  • Spiritual care, weekly Holy Mass and religious activities in collaboration with the churches in Muggiò.
  • “Arte in Corte” (Art in Corte Briantea) exhibitions are organised every three months with various artistic representatives from the Brianza area.
  • Playful and social activities with the Brodolini municipal nursery school
  • Animation projects with Associazione Stefania Voluntary Organisation of Lissone
Activities carried out by the animation service

  • Manual activity workshops
  • Beauty farm: manicure and hand massages with essential oils
  • Mental gymnastics (crosswords, memory games, etc.)
  • Traditional parlour games (bingo, name that tune, etc.)
  • Festivals, fairs, cultural events also open to the local area
  • Sundays at Court: small performances dedicated to Guests and their relatives.
  • Creative workshops dedicated to relatives of Guests and Volunteers
  • Organised outings in the Brianza area.
  • There is a refreshment area open every day of the week, which recalls “the village square” in terms of location and use.
  • Alternating activities offered with the help of external staff such as: art therapy, pet therapy, dance therap
List of available services
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