Our Staff
People make the real difference

People make the real difference. They are the ones who make a place, a facility or a company unique. Always, and especially when the commitment concerns the care and assistance of elderly people who have reached the extreme edge of life. Their motivation and their willingness to care for others is the reason that led them to choose a profession for which they not only do but rather they are.

“Corte Briantea” relies on the contribution of 91 professional resources:

  • 7 doctors
  • 1 physiatrist
  • 17 professional nurses
  • 46 social welfare assistants
  • 3 entertainers
  • 4 kitchen staff
  • 4 cleaning staff
  • 2 laundry staff
  • 1 warehouse worker
  • 1 general services officer
  • 3 administrative staff
  • 1 hairdresser
  • 1 chiropodist
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