Corte Briantea: our mission
About us
The Corte Briantea Residential Nursing Home located in the municipality of Muggiò (MB) is one of the most important projects developed by Missaglia Spa. The facility stands out both from the point of view of environmental sustainability and ethics: the elderly person who is no longer self-sufficient is at the centre of the loving and caring relationship.

What we believe in
Corte Briantea is the brainchild of two visionary entrepreneurs, Enrica and Valentino Missaglia. Their determination turned an idea of community, a unique way of conceiving inter-family relations, into a project.
Corte Briantea was established to offer elderly people who are no longer self-sufficient the possibility of continuing to fully experience the loving relationship that unites them with their families.
Corte Briantea: the place where caring for people’s feelings is as important as caring for their bodies. The place where generations can enjoy the pleasure of being together, of continuing to experience the love of life in all the forms and expressions that time grants.
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